Imieti is Nigeria's Number 1 Online Agency.

Imieti is an online talent solutions marketplace where entertainment and creative industry freelancers are connected with customers and businesses.

We provide a platform that promotes the services of models, beauty and brand ambassadors, event ushers and other key elements and players in the events, hospitality and creative industry.

Services providers and vendors can display their photo portfolio and service offerings to a wide array of customers which include global and indigenous business brands, government agencies and parastatals, NGO’s, Sporting organizations and clubs etc. Imieti offers freelancers the opportunity to promote their personal brands to target audiences with the aim of driving legitimate and secure value driven contracts with them.
Our processes are transparent and adhere to global best practices in the branding, modeling, events and hospitality industries to ensure mutually beneficial relationships between Imieti vendors and customers. Users are required to update their profiles with their picture portfolio and service offerings.

How clients can use Imieti

1. Self Help. Scroll through pages or profiles of models, events ushers, beauty ambassadors and freelancers to identify unique profiles that meets your specific requirements.You can also browse by category to further filter profiles using unique keywords.
2. Contact Imieti for brand ambassador contests and pageantry. Organizations can alternatively create its own brand pageantry as a means of selecting it’s Brand Face or Ambassador. Imieti will organize a contest for the public to participate and the winner will be decided by the Pageant sponsors for the purpose of working with the individual.
3. Contact Imieti help desk for a recommendation.

In order to visit a talent's profile, one will have to be fully registered as a client.
Visiting a profile requires payment of a token. Usually, upon successful registration as a client, Imieti offers you free tokens which you can use. However, when you run out of tokens, you must buy more.

Pageantries and Brand Ambassadorship

Imieti is the one stop platform for pageantries and brand ambassador contests, equipped with a virtual automated system that enables contestants upload media, display skillset and solicit for votes.
The platform has also integrated external and reputable financial systems to accommodate online form and vote purchases.

Imieti is managed in Nigeria by Caldoc Systems, a fully registered IT company. You can get more information about Caldoc Systems here

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